Robocop Rogue City | Everything We Know

Hello friends welcome to Moses universe today's topic is Everything We Know About Robocop Rogue City | Release Date, Story Discover the captivating story line behind Robocop Rogue City and stay updated with its release date."Explore the Latest Updates on RoboCop Rogue City: A Comprehensive Overview"

Robocop Rogue City | Everything We Know

"RoboCop Rogue City: Everything We Know So Far"

The movie "RoboCop," released in 1987, has achieved cult classic status over the years. The film has garnered praise for its unapologetic violence and bloodshed, leading to the creation of a massive franchise. While a few RoboCop arcade games and an FPS in 2003 have been released, nothing particularly fancy came along. However, for fans of the franchise, a new game is currently in development, and from the snippets seen so far, it appears promising. So, without further ado, let's dive into what we know about "RoboCop Rogue City."

Release Date: "RoboCop Rogue City," an open-world first-person shooter, was officially announced in 2021. Its first gameplay trailer was revealed during Nikon Connect, initially slated for a June 2023 release. However, due to certain delays, the release date was pushed back to September 2023. As of now, it appears that this revised date will be met without any issues. The game will be available on platforms such as PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC.


Development Team: The game is being developed by Teon, a studio known for its work on games based on action movies from the 80s. Teon's portfolio includes titles like "Rambo: The Video Game" and "Terminator: Resistance." While the first Rambo game faced significant criticism from critics, the second title performed much better.

Game play and Story line: While not much has been revealed about the game's story line, teasers provide a glimpse of Detroit in a lawless... [Please continue with more details about the game play and story line.

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In a state where punks are running amok, looting and ransacking shops and businesses, even throwing people off buildings, the state of the law is such that punks do not even mind vandalizing public property right in front of watching cameras. Even worse, they interrupt a live broadcast in a newsroom. The player gets to take on the role of the titular RoboCop, AKA Alex Murphy. From what we've seen so far, the game stays faithful to its source material and doesn't shy away from the bloodshed and gore.

In the teaser, RoboCop can be seen following a lead to an old arcade littered with drugs and used syringes. When he knocks on the door, the people inside refuse to open it, demanding he return with a warrant. With no other choice, RoboCop forcefully opens the door, knocking out the person standing behind it. He proceeds to take down the criminals one by one, using his Auto nine-millimeter. In one instance, he incapacitates a criminal with his bare fist while reloading his gun, and later he switches to an SMG to take them down even harder, providing a glimpse of the game's targeting system.

However, it's not just mindless action; the game involves other aspects of police work, such as investigation and issuing parking tickets to those who have parked their cars incorrectly. Another interesting detail about the game is that Peter Weller, the actor who portrayed Alex Murphy in the first two RoboCop movies, has reprised his role as RoboCop in the game. This promises a few iconic lines that will undoubtedly enhance the game experience. Apart from that, no other voice actor details have been revealed.

For now, we can only wait for the game to be released. However, from the little we've seen in the trailer, it appears very promising, with plenty of action and bullets flying, making it look like an opera of violence. Considering the massive following of the RoboCop franchise, it's sure to generate significant interest.


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