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Hello friends welcome to MosesUniverse today's topic is Battlefield 2042 FIRST LOOK! - Everything you need what is battlefield 2042 it's the next generation of battlefield according to ea and dice it's powered by cutting-edge technology and it's going to push the capabilities of even the next-gen hardware at this point? 


Battlefield 2042 FIRST LOOK! - Everything you need by moses universe

Initial release date: October 22, 2021

Engine: Frostbite

Developer: DICE

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Designer: Daniel Berlin

Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows

 it drops players into a near future all-out war experience with unprecedented scale game-changing destruction and matches with up to 128 players on the latest consoles and pc that doubles the player count from previous battlefield games now the world in 2042 it's on the brink there are supply shortages there are food shortages. 

 there's a lack of clean drinking water climate change has massively impacted certain lands and continents it's devastated coastlines and soaring temperatures have displaced millions of people dozens of nations have failed it's created the world's greatest refugee crisis these people are labeled non-patriotic for sure.

they're just average people their engineers their farmers their families together but essentially they're all soldiers the crisis is only escalated as certain superpowers namely the united states and Russia they draw the world into a global war by shutting down their borders.

What is the next Battlefield game going to be

recruiting these non-pat specialists to fight for their cause now having just given you a pretty decent chunk of narrative there let's discuss the first major talking point of battlefield 2042 this game will not feature a traditional single-player experience dice has decided.

 that the story the narrative of the war will be told through the multiplayer through real-time events that will reshape the battlefield and the tactical combat that's happening this means battlefield 2042 is a multiplayer-focused title and in that regard dice gave us a look at their framework for multiplayer it's going to be split into three large gameplay sections the first one is all-out warfare the second is hazard zone. 

then the third is an unannounced mode being developed by daisola but let's start with all-out warfare first of all this is your typical classic battlefield multiplayer experience only it's just on a scale that you've never played before conquest and breakthrough they headline the experience featuring.

 the largest maps ever created for a battlefield game to accommodate the new 128 player cap on the next-gen consoles and on pc PlayStation 4 and Xbox one they'll be capped at 64 players to maintain good hardware performance and as such.

 the map sizes for them will be slightly smaller infantry soldiers tanks jeeps tuk-tuks APCs little birds attack choppers and jets they're all together on maps that have been specifically designed to fit into the narrative of this new world war that's raging on you've got dynamic weather events and large-scale destruction.

Is EA making a new battlefield

the word revolution was mentioned in the presentation that I was part of and all of that comes into the mix with some examples being given as a tornado that rips right across the map destroying almost everything in its path.

actually picking up soldiers and throwing them into the air and large sandstorms that can block out the sun which plunges maps into a state of semi-darkness then there's hazard zone now this does actually sound really interesting but we don't have a lot of information I'll read you what dice has provided me hazard zone is an all-new high-stakes squad-based game type. 

the battlefield franchise that is a modern take on the multiplayer experience it's distinctly dice but very different from the type of gameplay that you'll experience in all-out warfare modes like conquest and breakthrough and it's not a battle royale dice made that final point several times in their presentation hazard zone is not a battle royale mode.

 then they've said nothing more I'm going to assume that later down the line closer to launch we will learn more about hazard zone and then lastly the third developed mode is being made by dais la and this is the love letter to battlefield fans that's been mentioned a few times by ea before the reveal of 2042 and details of this mode will be revealed at ea play live on July 22nd so, for now, this one is a complete unknown I do have some extra information here on the game modes we spoke about conquest and breakthrough in the all-out warfare section those. 

When did Battlefield 2142 come out

the two game modes that have been confirmed so far and dice wasn't telling about what other kind of game modes might be included but there are a couple of changes with these game modes conquest is changing no longer will you be fighting for your nation's flag to be raised over a certain strategic point on the map instead you'll be fighting for different objectives.

 within different sectors, so you need to control all of the objectives highlighted within a sector and then you control that sector of the map for your team so essentially instead of it being a flag one part of the map is broken away as a sector and then you control it.

then for a breakthrough, if you've played in battlefield v you'll know that each sector must be captured by the attacking team you have to control each objective within the sector to unlock the next one and then move through and of course, both of these modes will support 128 players on the next-gen consoles and pc and that's going to be absolutely incredible so that information there gives you the kind of scope for multiplayer within battlefield 2042.

course, there is no single player just gonna reiterate that but of course, you wanna know about the maps in multiplayer don't you in the presentation we were given details on seven launch maps coming to battlefield 2042 I'll go through each of them now I've got a short description and I've got an image for each of them as well first one is called kaleidoscope this is set in South Korea and it features a huge built-up to skyscraper area where zip lines can be used to move from roof to roof down on. 

Does battlefield have a storyline

the ground canals provide attack routes for specialists and amphibious vehicles giving you a huge urban battleground the location centers around an information hub that are spewing misinformation into a global network next up is manifest set in Singapore it's a fight for American supply lines set in a huge container yards global trade is more delicate.

 than ever with failed nation-states and millions of non-paths around the world fighting is said to be really really intense here with cranes that will pick up and move containers around the poor as you fight and massive docked ships that will include their own play areas this sounds like upscaled and futuristic no-show canals from battlefield 3. then.

 the third map is called orbital this one is set in french Guiana the map focuses around a rocket launch site where a controversial launch becomes the center of attention sometimes the launch goes well and other times the launch doesn't go well at all so expect revolution and destruction to really take hold on this map then there's discarded set in India changing shorelines due to climate change have sent this shipbreakers yard into a spiral there are rogue nuclear assets that are held within the breaker yard and it's a fight to reclaim. 

those assets renewal is the fifth map set in Egypt I like the look of this one the best I think it looks incredible in the center of the desert a huge agricultural farming center is being maintained to keep a supply of crops moving right down the middle of the map is a huge fence and it separates this utopia from the harsh sand dunes.

 the desert beyond hourglass is your sixth map this one is set in Qatar shifting sands and a lost shipping convoy tear this city apart where sand has completely overtaken the stadium and nearly buried it a neon city to the east lights up the map as massive sandstorms roll through completely devastating the area expect lots of vehicle combat on this map.

 then last but certainly by no means least we have a breakaway this is set in Antarctica a struggle here has sparked over oil and gas fields within an area already dotted with plenty of fuel cells this is the largest map included in. 

Will, there be a Battlefield 2143

battlefield 2042 measuring 5.9 kilometers squared that's absolutely massive an outlook area has a helipad hanging over a cliff edge so maybe an homage to Damavand peak from battlefield 3 I did see a clip where you can jump down from the pad towards the fuel silos below.

 that looked pretty awesome with a bunch of players using wingsuits oh yeah wingsuits are in battlefield 2042 as well now all of these maps look really interesting and the image of each that you're looking at only shows you a very very small fraction of the overall player base remember each of these maps supports up to 128 player combat in conquest and breakthrough so expect the fighting to be just all over.

 the place perhaps you won't even see certain parts of the map for a few games at a time when you play that map and more locations will be added as part of battlefield 2042's live service there will be four seasons slated to follow through the launch of 2021 into 2022 so there will be more maps in the future right then next specialists gone. 

e the traditional battlefield classes in 2042 and income the specialists these are non-pat soldiers that have become your playable characters in the game they are inspired by the traditional battlefield classes so assault medic support recon engineer.

all the others that were included in various games and they'll be equipped with their own unique specialist tray and a specialty item and then that can be combined into a fully customizable loadout specialist can use any category of weapon in battlefield 2042 so if you want to run as a recon specialist with a silenced assault rifle and run around at close range rather than a sniper rifle you can do that or a support specialist with a marksman rifle.

 operate at longer ranges you can do that if you want to as well there will be 10 different specialists to choose from at the launch. 

Was battlefield 5 a success

four of them have been revealed so far Casper is the first one born in South Africa a recon specialist his unique specialty is the OVP recon drone and his trait is the movement sensor this can pick up movement around you depending on how fast or slow an enemy might be moving so if they sprint you'll detect them but if they're crouch-walking.

moving very slow well you better watch out then there's webster Mckay born in Canada an assault specialist his specialty gadget is the grappling hook and his trait is nimble although we don't have any more information maria fall born in Germany is a support specialist they can use their specialty sure pistol gadget to heal and revive people from a distance.

their trait is combat surgeon and then lastly we have Boris big Boris a big Russian Boris and he's an engineering specialist he's got access to a sentry gun that can be positioned around the map at strategic points and he can take down enemies alongside these 10 launch specialists four more will be added as part.

the live service for the game which I'll talk about in a moment now let's touch on weapons and vehicles you'll have seen plenty of these in the reveal trailer and whilst I don't have anything like a complete list of all of this yet nice did share details of their brand new plus system which is a way for players to customize their weapons in real-time.

 adjust and react to a changing environment that we're in now the plus system is very similar to the crisis weapon modding system so if you ever played any of the crisis games you'll roughly know what's going on but essentially.

a hologram menu will appear over your gun and it'll allow you to change your weapons barrel scope ammo type and under-barrel, attachment live in the game so you don't have to wait until you've been killed to hit the loadout menu anymore you've got to stick with the gun you've got but you can change all the attachments so maybe you go from long range to short-range if you change. 

Will, there be a battlefield 6

the kind of scenario sounds really really cool and I can't wait to give it a go now dice did supply three weapon names in the presentation the m5a3 which is like a modern m4 assault rifle I think the k30 vector smg and the 4v9 marksman rifle although if you've watched the reveal trailer and I'm sure somebody's already compiling a massive list.

 I'll probably do a video tomorrow on all of those weapons now as for the vehicles those are going to be more accessible than ever in battlefield 2042 players are going to be able to use their call-in tablet to request land vehicles to be delivered to almost any playable location on the map and you can even call in vehicles over the heads of your enemy and try.

crush them if you want to although if you miss you're probably giving them a free vehicle so maybe aim carefully but vehicles have been completely reworked to emphasize teamwork each seat in a vehicle is going to have a specific role so there might be anti-air seats there might be a spotter sea and there'll be gunner seats and of course the driving seat so whichever seat you take there will be a role for you to play as the vehicle moves around. 

the battlefields and from the info that I got from dice the very least this game will include in terms of vehicles is the apache helicopter the su-57 Elon jet and the e6 JG are recon tanks although we've also seen I think quad bikes are in there there's definitely tuk-tuks in there it definitely looks like there's an abrams tank in there so you know the list will grow okay let's now talk about the live service.

 the support battlefield 2042 is going to be getting moving into the future dice is stating that the game will have a battle pass system for each season of the game that will include free and premium tiers and I'm assuming that's going to be filled with like cosmetic items.

 stuff like that the community will be kept together although it's not specific as to what that means but I think we can probably establish that's no splitting of gameplay content so maps and weapons available for everybody that sounds like good news and each season will be used to push forward the narrative of the 2042 world bringing in new content. 

What will bf6 be about

at the same time, this goes back to the game not having a single-player experience the multiplayer that's going to be used to tell the story and that's a route that a lot of games are taking these days in the first year there will be four different seasons four different battle passes four new specialists.

 new locations along with more new content as well ea to give me access to a few slides of content that will be included in different bundles for 2042 as well as extra information here a slideshow what different versions of the game will get different cosmetic items and from that.

 we can gather that there will be weapon skins there will be vehicle skins there looks to be specialist skins as well weapon charms melee weapons player card backgrounds and tags and even a robotic dog so whatever bundle that's in I am buying that bundle absolutely no question I need the robot dog in my life and then lastly the information. 

That you really really want that's the release date October 22nd, 2021 or you get it a week earlier on the 15th if you've got early access to the game and that depends on which version of the game you end up buying pre-ordering does get you early access to the open beta but because it says early access I'm assuming everyone will get a chance to play the open beta.

which is good because then you can download it you can play it for a bit see if you like it and you can make your decision from there your next stop for battlefield info is ea play live on July 22nd and that's where we're going to learn more about daisola's game mode which is a love letter to the franchise again absolutely no idea what that could be but it sounds really interesting so I'm looking forward to that and that is everything for battlefield 2042. 

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