SIFU Upcoming Martial Art Game Analysis & Update

 Hello friends welcome to Moses universe today's topic is Sifu puts you in control of a young Kung-Fu student who has dedicated his very soul to his quest for vengeance. sifu was revealed in February's state of play and man the game may sound quite underrated but it definitely has a scope to surprise us. 

SIFU Upcoming Martial Art Game  Analysis & Update

SIFU Upcoming Martial Art Game  Analysis & Update

            The genre itself previously Slow Cap had developed Absolver a compact heavy game set in an online world your quest in the game is to track down your family's assassins through a range of urban environments all across the course of one day.

Game Information

Category Details
Platforms PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows
Developers Sloclap, H2 Interactive
Initial Release Date 3 May 2021
Genres Fighting game, Action game, Indie game
Nominations The Game Award for Best Fighting Game, 5 more
License Proprietary license
Publishers Sloclap, Kepler Interactive, Microïds
            I am especially excited about this announcement as the game looks cool concerning the martial art design and combat system so this is fenders Wolf on behalf of Gamer Overlord the gameplay of Sifu seems as though it will be similar to that of absorber with players unlocking a host of new skills.

What is a sifu in kung fu

          the game goes on though whether it will retain the previous game's ability to tailor your active skills is still unclear the combat gameplay will also heavily feature environmental interactions with the developer pledging that throwable objects windows.

 makeshift weapons will be at your disposal another brilliant feature to notice about the game is the use of a magical pendant which allows them to come back to life every time they fail but that power comes with a cost that is each time they die they grow older slow caps intention is that you should improvise and use all weapons in the environments.

Where can I play Sifu?

         stand a chance against your enemies and I see it more as a pure kung fu brawler this game can look like a Chinese rip-off of John VIC-style martial arts with intriguing animation graphics which sometimes can take you down memory lane concerning the game Sleeping Dogs.

 with it having a tinge of online content this game will rise above its level for sure this game is initially coming out on PC and PlayStation 5 and it will come on other platforms probably much later it being more of a switch platform type look we can expect it to go in switch 2 probably later this year or next year currently we don't have any gameplay or any other information that.

Is Sifu PlayStation exclusive

        this game is hyped up so the game is starting to be released later this year a reveal shows that it is in its last stages of development and we can be ready to pick this game from the Epic Game Store soon I also want a bit comment on the game's graphics as it looks pretty cool for the next-gen consoles and it being Chinese team you know you have to stick to the basics.

 that is the game's control mechanics and by the looks of it, it will have one of the best in-game fight mechanics to date that's more a reason this game will stay underrated for a while and we can expect it to perform.

What Sifu means

         the same as some of the underrated games that were released last year such as The Ghost Runner while Absorber was a sleeper hit the gamble with this game is the same in terms of the type of combat and the type of game style that it shows and I strongly feel this game will gather some big bucks along its way from the looks of the trailer we can say that not much is revealed about.

the game just its gist and theme and what actually can keep us glued to it is the game's subtle execution of combat design and martial art combos, not many games released during the course of the year with such piece of execution that we witnessed right now you surely want to see more of the game in small gameplay shots and I do hope slow clap is prepared.

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