Amazon prime gaming How To Create Account and Other

Hello friends welcome to Moses universe today's topic is How To Get Free Games on Amazon prime gaming  ( How To claim u r game on Amazon Prime gaming ) Create an Amazon Prime Gaming account by signing up for Amazon Prime, then link your Twitch account to access exclusive gaming content and benefits.

Amazon prime gaming How To Create Account And Other

Amazon prime gaming How To Create Account and Other

       hey, guys in today's post we're going to be looking at something pretty cool that goes together with your amazon prime membership so in just scroll all the way down, and then from down here you're gonna see amazon prime so just click on amazon prime once this loads up again.

      we're gonna scroll down just keep scrolling down guys scroll down until you see this right now I should say prime gaming so we're gonna click on prime gaming and from here from prime gaming there's a lot of stuff that you guys can get free that's.

      included with your prime membership so you don't have to pay any extra so right here we have free games with prime for march so we can check those out so we're going to go right into that just to show you what's going on and at this point, we have all of this so right now what we can do is claimed grand theft auto for example.

      we can claim apex we can claim a lot of stuff so this is really good stuff to get from prime again it's included you're not paying any extra you just have to claim it so for example we're gonna claim grand theft auto so we're just going to press and claim once you press on the claim you do have to sign in so in this case.


Prime gaming India GTA 5

       it should know that you're signed in already but we're going to go ahead in the top right-hand corner of our screen we're just going to press sign in the top right so right now you should see this message where you have to link yours.

        account the Amazon account with your rockstar account which is your GTA account for example so down here below you guys can just click on link game account and it's going to take us right there so let's just click right there and then you're going to see this page so just make sure you're signed in to the right account so this is Tekken design so that's my correct account and I'm going to go ahead and just press link amazon once you do that you just have to go and proceed to make sure that's your email so then it's going to take us to this page.

        where we can see what we have linked this to so so far I've linked it to my Xbox so that's already linked in my rockstar I've already linked my PlayStation and here I can see a list of games and what I've played so so far it's only been grand theft auto and Xbox one and if you scroll all the way down you're gonna see you can view all the benefits.

          you would get from both games but that's it that's all we had to do to receive these benefits so this point in time we're done with this we can always go back into prime so we're going to go back into amazon and we can just click on the claim and at this point.

         it should tell us that it has successfully been claimed just make sure to actually play the game to claim what you just received right now once you go back you should be able to see that GTA for example was claimed and you can keep claiming other things right here that you do get with prime so check out all the games check out everything that you can get from prime because.

        it is included and right now would be the time to claim everything you can depend on which games you guys play but anyways that would be it for this particular video if you guys have amazon prime gaming any questions comments you guys can write down here in the comments area.


Amazon Prime Gaming Supported Countries

   Australia,Austria,Belgium,Brazil,Canada,France,Germany,India(Mobile offers only), Italy,Japan,Luxembourg,Mexico,Netherlands,Poland,Portugal,Singapore,Spain,Saudi Arabia,Sweden,Turkey,United Arab Emirates,United Kingdom,United States.

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