Story Of Lee Sang-hyeok ( FAKER ) - Professional Gamer

Hello friends welcome to Moses universe today's topic is Story Of Lee Sang-hyeok ( FAKER ) -  Professional Gamer His name was Lee Sang-hook ( FAKER ) ALSO CALLED shoemaker because he wanted to make a show there's now Canyon trying to keep them in his jungle shoemaker picking them off like fish in a barrel joe maker if there is one play that he can find to win a game.

Story Of Lee Sang-hyeok ( FAKER ) -  Professional Gamer

His name was Lee Sang-hook ( FAKER ) ALSO CALLED shoemaker because he wanted to make a show there's now Canyon trying to keep them in his jungle shoemaker picking them off like fish in a barrel joe maker if there is one play that he can find to win a game.

will get it nine goes in and finally gets one but the maker gets an instant reply now the shy gets blown up by the maker I think you can compare play styles between the baker and show makeup she will not go out quickly now oh baby not the next faker show maker popping off show maker you.

gotta love him this guy is incredible has the personality and is truly a superstar in the League of Legends today ever since the early days of Starcraft South Korea has been an esports powerhouse they had the talent discipline and money to set them up for success.

Lee Sang-hyeok, better known as Faker, is a South Korean professional League of Legends player for T1. Formerly known as GoJeonPa on the Korean server, he was picked up by LCK team SK Telecom T1 in 2013 and has played as the team's mid laner since.

Born: 7 May 1996 (age 25 years), Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Full name: Lee Sang-hyeok

Height: 1.76 m

Parents: Lee Kyung-Joon

Education: Mapo High School

Siblings: Lee Sang-hoon

Sun Sign: Taurus

Born In: Seoul

Famous As: Professional Gamer

         it was apparent in the League of Legends maybe more than any other game with the region claiming championships at worlds for five years straight basically KOREA had solved the game they knew where to go they knew. how to prepare and you could have infinite awards that's what it felt like and so, therefore, they had all the information that they could ever want they understood exactly when to make plays and from a tactical standpoint knew exactly.

        what decisions to make at a lot of different times 2017 was a battle between two South Korean giants Samsung Galaxy and SK Telecom T1 that saw the goat himself faker reduced to tears after a devastating grand finals defeat. it was that very moment that inspired an up-and-coming laner who we now know as a maker to truly start taking the game seriously as an 18-year-old rookie inspired by the league's greatest player shoemaker entered.

 the pro scene was part of Damon's gaming and was instantly a bit of a standout due to his aggressive playstyle shoemaker was a Katarina main and just played reckless crazy league of Legends his name was Shoemaker. he wanted to make a show this is what's gonna happen to see you later battle comic says well the rest of you are gonna go down a double kill goes to show maker does a lot of damage through to all the champions barrel is getting in there. he is gonna go down in the end and everybody dodges it but look at the gala dammit's on the top side this is what I'm talking about there's the proto belt onto an urgent I thought that guy was supposed to have the help I guess not shoemakers got an aoe vinegar ultimate with this queue.

 it just goes and deletes people wherever they stand 800 damage for you and you and you while showmaker and Damian finally made it from challengers into the lck in 2018 the year had been less memorable for Korean league fans on the international stage.

What age is faker?
25 years (7 May 1996)

 China had dominated that world and so the pressure was mounting for a Korean comeback in 2019 but the tried and tested super teams aiming to reclaim South Korea's league glory weren't the only ones to watch in terms of individual talent. really can't go too much further when it comes to in-form solo queue players than dumb one gaming and just like all the whispers over the off-season of how well they're doing in scrims the question should be less about whether are they going to be our next champions. how will undoubted talent leap off the page and perform on the professional level Damon who was quite unlike their compatriots drew a lot of attention and it wasn't just showing Maker who did things differently.

 the version of the League of Legends that was the best here in Korea was slow methodical and just steamroller destruction of your opposition and that's not really how it works even though Damon does look like a steamroller sometimes it's a different way of playing and they leverage control earlier and it looks like they're you know playing with more.

Esports | The Story of ShowMaker | Gamer

         Reckless abandon but I think for us um it's mainly just because we don't um have much experience with that I have to assume something's up it's everybody's coming around the corner but the showmaker can dance around. it but that metal storm was able to come out and huge AoE damage came in from the entire side of town they cleaned up the rim but it wasn't just Damian's explosive plays that were making them fan favorites they weren't like the typical methodical stone-faced Korean league of legends teams of the past and no one reflected that more.

        Than Shoemaker his mode game is just top-notch the guy knows exactly when to troll his opponents, and he is always ready with a team thumbs up whenever he gets a solo kill it's out of control I know this is gonna be the game they have four members remaining and that's gonna end t1's blue side streak. Entering World 2019 dam 1 had a lot of hype behind them and in the group stage of his first-ever appearance in the competition shoemaker proved why it was warranted barrel may be overstepped as the fight continues the solar player is coming in but the quickest gonna follow as well the equalizer comes down knocked back into the wall first blood to rainbow but down one are not done with the fight yet better on the front line to fight.

 The storm coming out the dive-in from nuclear that's two quick kills for damn one gaming barrel is around here comes the dive in top of this one looking at the kill double up out of the way but a nice fight comes through good pick up there for canyon nuclear on the chase. finds first blood showmaker in for number two and damn one step right back in sombrero the hammer knocks Nugget backward rookie holds under the trigger, for now, gets the shockwave only onto Canyon but the shot glass does not vomit ning goes in finally.

        Gets one but the shoemaker gets an instant reply now the shy gets blown up by the shoemaker who is putting on a show rookie who has no manners and he holds on to the flash triple for the maker but unfortunately for the maker and Damian after finishing ahead of the defending world. champions in groups their run came to an end in the quarterfinals against G2 Esports it may not have been the cleanest series but it certainly was a g2 series and as they move in and close the game they will knock Don Juan gaming out of the tournament and g2.

       will move on to the semi-finals in the wake of worlds Damon finished a disappointing fifth in the 2020 spring split prompting them to replace Nuclear with the ghost for the summer and his arrival made a massive impact on the team's performance at the same time. shoemaker's playstyle was also evolving to resemble fakers right down to the champions he picked such as Leblanc and Indra but with his hyper-aggressive flair thrown into the mix is that shoemaker. if there is one play that he can find to win a game he will get it right if he needs to execute or if he needs to assassinate one specific target then he will find that play and while Shoemaker's gameplay style drew obvious comparisons between him and faker it was far too early to put them in the same conversation.

         I think you can compare playstyles between Faker and shoemaker but you can't compare careers or it's I don't think you're allowed to compare anyone to Faker I think it's just unfair on the person you're comparing them to still domestically Damian where putting up amazing results and showmaker in particular. was truly putting on a show this barrel gets taken down the dragon's help out a showmaker gets rid of the trundle so there are no smites for this particular fight Moonlight vigil goes wide notary flashes forward triple kill instantly.

         I thought they nerfed the aoe on the battle star in Goes The maker gets into his shroud and is gonna get executed and it's gonna be a Carly that locks down the dragon there's a perfect execution I love watching this guy's Akali quadra kill and trophy's like no I'm back to the mid lane who gets away as well the tp's coming in Hungary. Trying to get this as showman coming in from behind trying to make this a fight and he is doing so much as karma can't quite keep up and he's going to be able to get that kill on jobs because of the global pandemic the fast approaching worlds 2020 was doubly important.

         How they wanted to get back to wars they wanted to be able to prove themselves and they wanted to get revenge against g2 esports specifically how can you not be excited they have been incredibly dominant so when the time came for Damian to give g2 a taste of their own medicine they served it out with a ladle for showmaker and dam 1 gaming this is personable this score is a translated quote but he wants to crush you.
 two into pieces as soon as possible he said that he wanted them to be dingy he said screw lock guaranteed in the final give me that rematch oh my show solve maker words, oh no that is bm dan one gaming though set their sights on the nexus down on gaming.

        set their sights on the final they looked to g2 they took their time but they swept aside the LEC and for the first time in three years the LCK will advance to the world final the match-up ended with g2 taking the fastest loss in the world's history Damian's revenge had been sweet they were.
 the new generation of Korea's league talent and they were about to prove that it was their way or the highway this tower was down and I think the showmaker shockwave did not do much one fight was taken out in the backside of the fight and some will respawn only to die.

         watch his nexus explode Dom 1 strike first and the finals minions are still hammering away on the next start the exhaust will slow down the inevitable deaths but not the ace will not stop and save the base Dam One are one win away from being crowned world champions dom one will silence shanghai and dom one gaming are your season 2012. world champions after Damian won World 2020 it looked as if Korea was back on top but just a couple of weeks after the team's defining victory snuggery who'd been the showmaker's partner in crime left Damian for Fox.

         it was a big shock uh when Snuggery left Dan Juan because everyone had been talking about how he and Shoemaker were just like this power couple you know they just kind of clicked that team seemed to work. when he left for FBX everyone was wondering okay is that it then for the showmaker is he done is he going to be like half his normal power now without his partner in Hungary doubters and naysayers aside showmaker's star still blazed so bright not even kpop idols could resist.

         early 2021 put the question of whether shoemaker could go on without snuggery to rest and the answer was a resounding definitive yes that had question marks around Khan he's had a great tournament this time as well seems to have fit into uh buggery's shoes quite effectively there's now don Juan they're gonna takedown.
 The Nexus is pretty slow I think they'll look for a couple more kills as Joe Maker yeah holds position as he looks to try and take down Rich he goes into his zones for a little bit but uh unfortunately showmaker is unable to get above that 8.6 that we gave him earlier on but still a very good yoni performance and congratulations to don Juan gaming.

    Instagram @FAKER

          now, Keeper Cup 2020 slash 21 champions the uh the Nexus is now shoemaker and is going to go golden that's a big pulverize but it's not onto the Victor life's going to get burned down by the death ray ruler in a bit of trouble canyon is going to stun him up and show maker takes the kill canyon was down to like what else all right well congratulations for your series mvp canyon the nexus falls and don Juan Kia gets the 3-0 over Genji and will be your spring lock champions a hiccup at MSI aside Damon looked poised to become two-time world champions especially.
 after their smashing performance during the lck summer split where the shoemaker came face to face with his idol in the grand finals so it's hunky, we're three minutes into the game and Faker might just die to the turret although show maker's just gonna laugh at him throws up the thumbs up and that's it for faker over here.

         it's gonna be able to take him down and look at this renekton he can't get the kills under the turret the jinx lives and Diego is still around pushing and hitting the base as well during this oh man they're just running through the turn and they will blow up owner it's like a freight train right now they're taking down everything in their path looks like this is gonna be.
 it guys game number four is going to go the way of Tom One they just have to hit the nexus and dom what Kia will be your champions of LCK Summer 2021 in a devastating three-to-one victory as exciting as it was for showmaker to beat his hero on route to claiming.

         his third Lck title there was still work to be done if he was ever going to catch up to Faker and build his legacy and a second world's win would be a crucial part of that puzzle even though Damon looked a bit different this time around.
 the team's world's winning formula wasn't solely reliant on the shoemaker and snuggery combo Canyon was still around and the way he and the shoemaker synergized in-game was a sight to behold shoemaker I think is the best facilitatory midlaner in the world.

         the way that he works with Canyon is so beautiful hills oh and the real Morphin man he just can't catch a break this is the rise and Trundle how about Camille how about all three of them get in there and bully he's just gonna burn down to the ignitus khan.

           he doesn't have to look at the explosion he knows he got the kill you can't talk about Shoemaker without talking about Canyon because either of them alone would not be as good as they are combined DK demolished every opponent on their way to the grand finals of worlds 2021.
 not losing a single game until their best of five against t1 which they still ended up winning three to two they're going to top as well they have the elder dragon they have a wave they have everything they need to go to the world finals and damn.
 old legends and old legacies goodbye faker goodbye t1 hello Dom Juan and show maker they will defend their title in the finals and look to go back to back for every question tone posed Dom one had an answer game.

        five was incredible from them never allowing the felines the air to take effect never allowing them to find that fight t1 forced into a no-win situation where they have to hard engage but they don't have the tools to do it the new era of the lck has well and truly arrived as it is don Juan standing above the rest Damon and edge first seeds of their respective regions were set to face each other in the grand finals Damon had a nearly flawless run and were.
 the defending champions so they entered his favorites but Edge didn't get the memo Edward is gaming wiping the floor with our former world champions they make sure they finish the job before they finish off.

          The Nexu's first blood had been drawn by the Chinese team but Damon responded emphatically there's the ultimate Kiana goes right into the wall and that is indeed a supreme display of talent showmaker going golden but can he stay alive after the fact that supreme display of talent says absolutely yes.

 it's Don Juan Kia they will route Edge that's a clean ace and they will win game two all of the teleports come forward as now Khan is walking the wrong way but maybe it's the correct one as they pick up the kill on the twisted fate they knew.
 the men's advantage was coming in and he put himself in the right position to capitalize can't make the big play Khan into the backside though he'll be able to do it locks down Scout before he can do anything and ghost grabs the kill onto JJ and this is the team fight that darwin Kia have been looking for all game long laundry goes down as well and make.
 he's running for the hills but he's not going to be out of stock the nexus is exposed and Darwin Kia will move to match point in this series unfortunately for the showmaker's team edge was determined to go all the way and wrestled.

       In the final two games out of Damian's Grasp Your 2021 League of Legends World Champions Edward gaming I don't think it was about Don Monkey necessarily being figured out it was more about them being tested for the first time and Edg being tested for the third time and they were pretty good at the exam by then you know afterward.

       a few of the player's contracts including the show makers were up for renewal and after a short while there it looked as if all of Damon swayed by the force of their defeat might go their separate ways after their second-place finish at both MSI and world.
 this year three of the five players who played in those tournaments ended up leaving the team but Shoemaker and Canyon returned to try and make history once more whether the roster shuffles do the trick is of course yet to be determined for now shoemaker's quest to overtake the goat remains a work in progress work.
 he could complete by showing us more of the sort of player that he is one of the smartest sometimes also the most selfless mid-layers that we have in the league and a player that's so capable of analyzing a situation and making.
 the smartest call whilst also having extraordinarily fast hands one thing's for certain though showmaker has become a generational mid-lane talent and he's not slowing down but to be mentioned in the same breath as true greatness there's still a mountain for him to climb fake just kept doing it year after year.

 I think for show maker he still has a long career ahead of him and we won't be able to tell I think if he won this world then we could start having a conversation but he didn't so we're gonna have to postpone that for at the very least another year.


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